Thursday, October 13, 2011

t'me travellin

       Most of my memories from where I was born occurred after I returned when I was sixteen. I do remember a few events of note, including my first runaway from home adventure. My father who is originally was from Washington state had a mobile home on Mockingbird lane in Black Mountain and until just before my baby brother was born, that is where we lived.
 When I was five, I took off early one morning while my parents were still sound asleep. The reason escapes me, even today but I managed to make it almost 5 miles away. A friend of my moms saw me and recognized me and she called my folks. I cannot recall my adventure, maybe because it is overshadowed by the belt beating I received from my dad.
 Some other things that stick in my brain are that I won a costume contest dressed as a zombie in kindergarten  where I also stood up to my first bully. More memories will come to me I am sure, but this is a start.