Friday, February 25, 2011

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So Friday starts with an awesome sundown

Headed to 3 Kings Tavern for Vinny and Charley Fasanos Art Show then over to Rockaway for the Bloody Fives.......this post will be added to as the night goes on.

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“If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid seeing yourself in the mirror, because I bet that's what REALLY throws you into a panic.” ~Jack Handy

Waking up yesterday,I had an sense of impending doom that hung over me like a cloud size flock of blackbirds. Today happened without any natural disaster from Thursday of Doom as I will refer to it from this day forward. Now distracted by the rudeness of my "visiting" southern brother I must stop writing. Noting that I will track down the source of this nuisance that these depressive overtones are causing me.sums it up!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

One leap at a time right?

 I am happy to say that I have finished The Skinhead painting for Carmens Christmas present to Dan,now I am working on a Tiki god piece that should be finished by the end of the week. Fast Geek Boutique  is letting me hang a few paintings up, now I just need to finish some smaller paintings. ok ok here are some pictures 

still walking!

 I have always loved the tests in life its the homework I have dreaded.