Tuesday, June 7, 2011

progressin around the corner

 The print for zine is finished,  am changing format a bit. Each copy will Include an individual signed and numbered print. I need to still scan Shorts artwork tonight. But the important thing is that I have carved the plate for the insert. Other than that its been the usual sprinkles of
stressful distractions, including problems trouble getting paid for work completed by dismissive type ego freaks and the late fees and lack of services until said payment mentioned earlier.

  I really am happy Gigi will have a few days off from the bar. It gets too silent in the house nowadays and even though it helps me get things
done, the day is not as full as it could be. On a happy side note I love it when Tango hears a siren and sings. Also James Freeman fixed the bike,

now it is way easier to ride.