Saturday, October 1, 2011

Creative Writing: Exercise #1

Write the first 250 words of a short story, but write them in ONE SENTENCE. This exercise is intended to increase your powers in sentence writing.

When I first read of Little Five Points of all sources it was a copy of Details magazine which contained various reviews on nightlife in Atlanta I could have never heard of a place so different nor w

ould I have believed it could even exist in the conservative south where I had spent all of my childhood then late one night on one of the smaller networks I was lucky enough to catch Talk at Night with Brian Wilson a live week-night television talk program that always covered a strange assortment subject matter with guests that ranged from stand up comedians and local Georgia bands to some rather radical thinkers I stayed up late every night to watch the show at midnight then on one episode two or three of the guests were from Little Five Points at the moment I cannot remember the subject that they were on the show for but whatever it was I had been exposed to more knowledge of this amazing little neighborhood then while working a third shift shipping and receiving job at the age of seventeen a fellow co-worker and comic book collector invited me on a trip to Atlanta as we passed a colorful block of shops he pointed out the name of the place and finally I had a location to pilgrimage the following summer I scammed a ride to check the place out once there my ride got bored and returned home on a wild gamble I decided to stay there